Home Renovation Series 4: A Smarter Home


Smart Homes or Homes with built in Technological Upgrades are aimed for convenience, safety, and going green with energy cost reduction for all home owners, not just the luxury market. Being in control of your home appliances, lighting, thermostat, voice control home navigation, from almost anywhere in your house, is quite convenient.

Here are some features we would like to introduce to you,

  1. Smart Thermostat

    A smart thermostat controls your Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system remotely, and simultaneously shows your energy consumption metrics. You have the technology to program your Heating and A/C to shutdown while you are away from home, and also remotely set it on, shortly before making your way back to your home. This can reduce your Air Conditioning and Heating costs by not having them running all day.


Smart Phone Thermostat Sync

Control Temperature through your Smart Phone

Room sensor to help manage hot and cold spots  Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service

Room sensor to help manage hot and cold spots

Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service

Away mode, while you are not home

Away mode, while you are not home

2. Smart Appliances

Who does’t want an appliance that makes you a cup of coffee just before you wake up. This is just the beginning of smart appliances, which can be connected to your smartphone or tablet. You can get alerts if your refrigerator temperature is too high or when the water filter needs to be changed. Manufacturers have also added Diagnostic features that will help technicians determine ant faulty appliance Similar to how Auto Mechanics diagnose a vehicle.


3. Smart Security

While you are spending time away from home, a smart security system can let you have access to home security through your smartphone. You have the ability to receive text/email alerts where there is activity around your home, or to see who is at the door. Seeing what your pets are up to while are away.


4. Smart Lighting


Automated Home Lighting, which became popular in commercial/industrial properties is also available for the average consumer. Lights can be set or programmed to turn on when entering rooms, and also adjust for daylight savings time. They may be set to turn on at a certain time of the day, and turn off at a programmed time. Specialized light bulbs that adjust to your mood or activities.


5. Solar Power

It is clearly evident that our Earth and Humans have relied on the Suns energy for longer than Science or statistics can ever prove. The provider of Energy and Life to all is, the Sun. Did you know that 1.2% of the Sahara Desert with Solar Panels is sufficient enough to cover all the worlds energy. Basically One Hour of Solar Energy that hits the Earth, is more than what humanity will use in an entire year.

Why have we ever considered coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear power for Powering out Cities? There is no way, those energy resources can compete with the sun. Neither are they clean sources of energy.

The Sun’s energy is free,clean, sage, and renewable. This is not a cheap upgrade, nor is it expensive, considering the money you will save on your monthly output for years, and for every owner of that home. Key Benefits: Zero Emissions, reduce the carbon footprint, Sustainable Energy, Silent Operation, Affordable, and helps saves the world’s ecosystems.

Solar Panels/Solar Roofs, solar powered fixtures, Solar Water Heating systems, and many other solar products that have even hit the mainstream market yet, are available for your homes today.

Solar Powered Garden Lighting

Solar Powered Garden Lighting

Solar Panel Skylight

Solar Panel Skylight

Tesla Solar Shingles

Tesla Solar Shingles