Home Renovation Series 3: Basement Renovation


With a little creativity, you can revamp your basement in to a wonderful space that will increase the overall square footage of living space to your home, and also increasing the overall economic value of your home. This is proven fact in the real estate market.


There are several ways you can transform your basement, for instance, you may add a recreation/games room, wet bar, kids playroom, reading room, home theater, guest bedrooms, music rooms, extra kitchen, basement apartment, home gym, wine cellar, panties, and storage room. The ideas are almost endless with what you can do.


As being one of the most popular projects that homeowners undertake, doing your homework and hiring the right contractor is a must. There are factors like municipal permits involved, proper insulation, wood and concrete, safe furnace room enclosure, and framing that must undertaken only by a professional. Not all basement renovations are a Do-It-Yourself job, that most popular home media/TV outlets convince you to believe.

A building permit is your insurance that the job is done up to municipal building code. In case of a fire, the fire marshals and insurance companies will investigate to find the root cause of a fire. if no inspections or certification had been made, the blame lies with you as a homeowner. Potential buyers of your home may also contact municipal office if a permit exists. When working with our Realtors, we will ensure that you and your property are in full protection, if you choose to sell your property.

Basement walls are not always straight and aligned. Bent or crooked framing results in uneven and wavy trim, making it tougher to install cabinets or shelving. A contractor will make sure that the framing is vertically and horizontally aligned.

The Furnace and Water tank must be completely separate from the renovation and be enclosed in a properly ventilated space for efficient air circulation and fire prevention. The water heater requires sufficient combustion air to breathe and for maintenance work to be done. A certified HVAC professional will ensure this.

If you do not properly insulate your basement, you are just asking for mold and mildew growth. The correct vapor barrier, and creating a thermal break between the warm air inside and the cold air outside will prevent moisture buildup and condensation. Even the concrete foundation contains moisture and absorbs water from the exterior, no matter how long the concrete has been poured. The wood framing may rot or deteriorate if their is no moisture barrier when framing.


These are just some of the thing that you must hire a professional to do. Not all renovations are a do it yourself (DIY) project.

Lets take a look at some wonderful renovation ideas for your basement, now that we got the technicalities out of the way.

Basement Reno. Ideas

  1. Wet Bar

Christian Brothers Cabinets

This it the perfect space in your home to turn in to a Bar. All you need is a bar counter, cabinetry, a few appliances, and maybe a wine coolers. Transforming this space into an intimate cozy hangout for grown-ups.

Capture base.PNG

2.Billiards/games Room

2. home theatre/cinema space


2. Children’s play/activities space

Children’s Play/Activities Space

Children’s Play/Activities Space

Children’s Play Space

Children’s Play Space

3. music Studio space

Music Room/ Studio

Music Room/ Studio

Music Room/ Studio

Music Room/ Studio

4.laundry room


5.wine room/ cellar

Wine Room

Wine Room


5. home office

Basement Office Space

Basement Office Space

6. home gym/ fitness space


7.Pantry space


If you are interested in any of these Basement Renovation Ideas, we are happy to connect you with Home Renovation Specialists and contractors that are experienced in Basement Renovations.

This Concluded Home Renovation Series Part 3, stay tuned for our next Blog.

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